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Tooth loss can cause immediate problems with eating, speech, and other basic activities that may worsen with time. The most permanent treatments are dental implants and implant-supported dental bridges. #implants #missingtooth #bridges
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Bruxism, or  #teeth grinding , affects about 10 to 15 percent of adults, a night guard can help pervent bruxism . This is an appliance typically worn while sleeping through the night. #bruxism #toothcare #dentalcare #night guard To book appointments call us 7338890009 Or visit us at
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Implant supported zerconea crown on an titanium are zerconea frame work is an light eight and long life permanent solution for an full mouth all on 4 are all on 6 implant The Dentist Chennai - Valasaravakam we provides implants for missing tooth/all on 4 nobal biocare implants / zygomatic implant supported fix d tooth
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Personal dental plans for Diabatic gum problem Pt with cardiac treatments can have Spl prevention and maintenance’s package for oral care which will protect the heart attack are stork Pt with other medical and age related issues will get the best tooth treatment with medical doc with our side in our team we are the safe hands to all complex treatments which involves general health care The dentist - Chennai - Valasaravakam : full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth implant support tooth replacements, full mouth fixed crown and bridge, metal ceramic crown and zerconea crowns
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While nothing can substitute for prompt dental care if you have a toothache, treating your discomfort. We are open on Sunday for the extra mile to help u take care of your oral care Give us a call to schedule an appointment 7338890009 Or for more info visit us at