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Do You Know The Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth? The problem of sensitive teeth is a very common one, affecting most of us at some stage. Tooth sensitivity implies a reaction to something hot/cold/sweet. This may be from food, drink or even from cold air. Sometimes brushing and flossing can stimulate symptoms. The level of discomfort  felt will vary between people and depends to an extent on what is causing the problem. Sensitive teeth symptoms may be experienced as a slight twinge (‘tingling’ teeth) or, at the other end of the spectrum, it may give severe pain for hours at a time. Having sensitive teeth may be an indication of a Dental problem  that needs treatment.  It should therefore be used as a big hint to visit the dentist . Book an appointment with us at

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Gold ceramic crowns are the most natural looking replacement for an missing tooth , as well as the bio comparable material for an sub gingival replace ment like and abutment which connects the dental implant with the crown can be made best with gold abutment and an gold ceramic crown on top of it , on an aged Pt who has sensitivity due to enamel lose can get an gold on lay which can protect the tooth from more damage due to function as well as improve the eating confront quality so an gold Being an nobal metal no allergic to it has be reported till date with this an old meterial used for long time is still an gold material of choose when it comes to natural look as well as more life with no rejection by oral tissues

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⁠The art of dentist can go to any extent to coustamizing solutions from basic removable denture to full mouth metal free zirconia crown and bridge with advancement 3d printing unique tooth jewel or enamel tatoo is possible with no pain high quality and affordable cost in THE DENTIST chennai valasaravakkam

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Regular tooth brushing for two times an day spending 2 min is not good enaf when you are wearing and orthodontic braces which can be metal baraces are ceramic baraces , an special orthodontic tooth brush which can clean the tooth as well as the gaps between the tooth and baraces can prevent tooth decay as well as reduse the interval of scaling and polishing which will be generally every 3 months are once in 6 months scaling are tooth cleaning will help prevent tooth damage early and prevent root canal treatments

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Wisdom tooth are 3 ed molar tooth are called so as it erupts during the age of 2o to 25 , the problem which most of the people face during this time is pericoronites which means the covering above the wisdom tooth gets infrared some times even infected to cause severe dental pain and swelling of the jaw, some of them after entering the mouth also may grow towards the near by soft tissue leading to ulcers to them most of this wisdom tooth are partly are fully impacted inside the bone which case the removal becomes an small surgery , if the Pt is haveing any medical conditions then and sleeping dentistry for the removal is well appreciated by the dentist

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Dental treatments are the most amazing to be unique to every person as all the 32 tooth are at different placements when compared to each other that is some times compared to our finger prints as this much unique tooth arrangements and function very in of us have so do the treatment plan and request one has this is one reason we say each family has to have the dentist like an family dr so the treatment can be very personally planed per person which will save lot of cost and long lasting out come can be made from tooth removal to implant are filling to ortho aliner we at the dentist believe it’s every person is unique and req the personel care

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The art of making an removable complete dencher is like an artist recreating the natural beauty it comes with the experience of making it over and over for an long time, an perfect complete dencher is as good as any other way of tooth replacement like implant supported dencher are fixed crown and bridge used in supporting natural root

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Gum care plays an very important role for Pt with cardiac elements it’s an two way mechanism poor gum care can increase the cardiac risk as well as ppl with cardiac problems if not taking an periodical gum care with the dentist Gum consultant who are called as periodontitis May land up in higher risk for an Heart disease are even an stork risk which in the same year holds on the Diabatic control vs gum care the poor gum can on an know Diabatic client will surly not let the blood sugar levels reduce even with good food habit walking and regular Diabatic tab and Chk up such clients once thay Chk the gum helth from the dentist and an full mouth dental x Ray called the OPG will help them completely understand the gum health and the link between the dental health to general health

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The treatment for replacing an missing tooth is all based on the function of the tooth then on the cost of replacement , the dentist we look at the requirement of the Pt and the need for the replace meant and do the planing let it be for an dental implant are for an crown and bridge even the removable option which can be an cast partial den her to an flaxable rpd, of the all options implant supported tooth are the best possible replacement which is avb today for an missing tooth as it can give the person having it the feel of his bit which means he can differentiate the consistency of the food what he is chewing this is called as propreosection

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Good tooth cleaning req an 1.5 to 2 min more the one time per day , with an medium tooth brush if you can do an gentile pressure like how you use an micro lid pencil with all the sar face of tooth touched can be taken as decent tooth care . Over above to this an hey floss are an regular dental flossing will help keeping the gums and prevent tooth decay in between tooth . It is also recommended for an professional dental cleaning which is called as scaling at every 6 month if req and recommend by the dentist , people with Diabatic and any other medical health issues will get best result by following the above dental maintenance package avb with the dentist