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⁠The art of dentist can go to any extent to coustamizing solutions from basic removable denture to full mouth metal free zirconia crown and bridge with advancement 3d printing unique tooth jewel or enamel tatoo is possible with no pain high quality and affordable cost in THE DENTIST chennai valasaravakkam
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Regular tooth brushing for two times an day spending 2 min is not good enaf when you are wearing and orthodontic braces which can be metal baraces are ceramic baraces , an special orthodontic tooth brush which can clean the tooth as well as the gaps between the tooth and baraces can prevent tooth decay as well as reduse the interval of scaling and polishing which will be generally every 3 months are once in 6 months scaling are tooth cleaning will help prevent tooth damage early and prevent root canal treatments
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Wisdom tooth are 3 ed molar tooth are called so as it erupts during the age of 2o to 25 , the problem which most of the people face during this time is pericoronites which means the covering above the wisdom tooth gets infrared some times even infected to cause severe dental pain and swelling of the jaw, some of them after entering the mouth also may grow towards the near by soft tissue leading to ulcers to them most of this wisdom tooth are partly are fully impacted inside the bone which case the removal becomes an small surgery , if the Pt is haveing any medical conditions then and sleeping dentistry for the removal is well appreciated by the dentist
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Dental treatments are the most amazing to be unique to every person as all the 32 tooth are at different placements when compared to each other that is some times compared to our finger prints as this much unique tooth arrangements and function very in of us have so do the treatment plan and request one has this is one reason we say each family has to have the dentist like an family dr so the treatment can be very personally planed per person which will save lot of cost and long lasting out come can be made from tooth removal to implant are filling to ortho aliner we at the dentist believe it’s every person is unique and req the personel care
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The art of making an removable complete dencher is like an artist recreating the natural beauty it comes with the experience of making it over and over for an long time, an perfect complete dencher is as good as any other way of tooth replacement like implant supported dencher are fixed crown and bridge used in supporting natural root