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Crown and bridge when done one an vital tooth has the best as well as long life , what has to be keep in mind is the root canal required on all crown tooth it need not be required all he time so an best dentist can manage with out root canal which will not weeken he tooth which gives support in metal ceramic are zercone crowns
Gold ceramic crowns are the most natural looking replacement for an missing tooth , as well as the bio comparable material for an sub gingival replace ment like and abutment which connects the dental implant with the crown can be made best with gold abutment and an gold ceramic crown on top of it , on an aged Pt who has sensitivity due to enamel lose can get an gold on lay which can protect the tooth from more damage due to function as well as improve the eating confront quality so an gold Being an nobal metal no allergic to it has be reported till date with this an old meterial used for long time is still an gold material of choose when it comes to natural look as well as more life with no rejection by oral tissues
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Implant supported zerconea crown on an titanium are zerconea frame work is an light eight and long life permanent solution for an full mouth all on 4 are all on 6 implant The Dentist Chennai - Valasaravakam we provides implants for missing tooth/all on 4 nobal biocare implants / zygomatic implant supported fix d tooth
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