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Crown and bridge when done one an vital tooth has the best as well as long life , what has to be keep in mind is the root canal required on all crown tooth it need not be required all he time so an best dentist can manage with out root canal which will not weeken he tooth which gives support in metal ceramic are zercone crowns
Missing tooth replaced with semi fixed opt helps for easy clening for aged Pt as well as Pt Req good long lasting functional alternative to implants and crowns
Dental chk up every 6 months helps to prevent most dental problems that’s caused by bacterial origin , dental x rays once an year will help identify early cavity in between tooth as in our country inter dental tooth clening is not been practised , so an x ray can save lot of cost by detecting cavity in between tooth in starting stage
Good Oral Health Begins with the First Tooth.
Non preperative venners are an best solution for gaping and stained tooth which can’t be managed with conventional bleeching are composite resin fillings as this are less distective to your natural tooth and still you can get your bright and perfect smile made from The dentist which is coustomized and cost effective too