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'full mouth metal free zirconia crown'
Implant supported crowns which can give you the most close to natural tooth feel as your eat can be got with and screw retained crown to the implant , the cement retained one are good when restricted to one are two crowns more then few is always safe and comfortable in maintains with screw retained the best option can be gold with ceramic crown as the costume made gold abetment can be the most boo comparable to the tissues are zerconea abutments are also best of desent thickness can be given last will be the milled Titaneam costum abutments which can connect the implat to the crown
Crown and bridge when done one an vital tooth has the best as well as long life , what has to be keep in mind is the root canal required on all crown tooth it need not be required all he time so an best dentist can manage with out root canal which will not weeken he tooth which gives support in metal ceramic are zercone crowns
Implant sported full mouth bridge is the most functional and easy to maintained
Gum care is one of the forgotten aspect In our country but which has an direct relation to the over all helth . An bad gum care can have non healing skin problems , if some one is diabatic will find it to controls the suger even with same tab useage, ppl with know heart problems have more risk for an heart attack if poor gum care is followed . Vist for an scaling on 6 months and laser bacterial reduction every year , if Req after an full moth x ray an laser curratage one in 5 years will get and fully secured and health gums
Missing tooth replaced with semi fixed opt helps for easy clening for aged Pt as well as Pt Req good long lasting functional alternative to implants and crowns
Regular dental chk ups are at 3 months gap and an scaling on every 6 Th month can make you free of expensive as well as invasive dental treatments
Root canal is one of the commen treatment which is used as well as abused by dentist when it comes to crown and beige
Best implant alternative with less cost and easy to use and make which can give an very much functional replacement of the missing tooth that is long lasting is attachment with cast partial fram which can be fixed to the fixed crown and bridge
Zygoma implant supported crown and denchers are the safe and best solution for the ppl with no bone for regular all on four implant are all on 6 we an provide the most competitive Package incl of hospital and hotel state for dental tour Pt inc of local travel and guide to escort during the coures of stay in chennai we have had pt for UK , Middle East , Europe, Australia , and usa