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The dentist Chennai- Valasaravakam : facial injury , maxillofacial treatments, orthoganthic surgery, jaw correction surgery, wisdom tooth removal, laser pre cancer treatments One of the main cause for tooth loss are facial bone treatments is road Trafic injury which can be reduced by the use of seat belt in an car and helmet in an bike, the facial deformities due to such injury are very much correctable with an maxillofacial surgery as like wisdom tooth are any other dental treatments
Gum care plays an very important role for Pt with cardiac elements it’s an two way mechanism poor gum care can increase the cardiac risk as well as ppl with cardiac problems if not taking an periodical gum care with the dentist Gum consultant who are called as periodontitis May land up in higher risk for an Heart disease are even an stork risk which in the same year holds on the Diabatic control vs gum care the poor gum can on an know Diabatic client will surly not let the blood sugar levels reduce even with good food habit walking and regular Diabatic tab and Chk up such clients once thay Chk the gum helth from the dentist and an full mouth dental x Ray called the OPG will help them completely understand the gum health and the link between the dental health to general health
Personal dental plans for Diabatic gum problem Pt with cardiac treatments can have Spl prevention and maintenance’s package for oral care which will protect the heart attack are stork Pt with other medical and age related issues will get the best tooth treatment with medical doc with our side in our team we are the safe hands to all complex treatments which involves general health care The dentist - Chennai - Valasaravakam : full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth implant support tooth replacements, full mouth fixed crown and bridge, metal ceramic crown and zerconea crowns
Clear aligner are more predictable and asure orthodontic treatments which can deliver predictable as well as comfortable results compared with metal orthodontic braces with ceramic clips.This 3d CAD/CAM milled models as well as 3d printed aligners are the available best solutions for spacing of tooth, crooked tooth, crowded tooth which can be smiled designed and asure praising and healthy smile at an affordable cost compared to rest of the world and these treatments are one of most benefitted dental tourism services provide by THE DENTIST.
Great offers on all our clinics for Paediatric Dental treatments. We assure a painless experience for your kids
Regular dental chk ups are at 3 months gap and an scaling on every 6 Th month can make you free of expensive as well as invasive dental treatments
Regular dental chk will be an important step to find out your health problem at an early stage this is what at the dentist we call mouth the mirror of your body this hold an vital step to be followed by diabatic and cardiac Pt who are prone for few dental issues and will be Req an regular dental chk up with scaling and laser bacterial reduction on an regular interval which is 3 month once for an better oral health that can lead to an best over all health
Dental treatments are the most amazing to be unique to every person as all the 32 tooth are at different placements when compared to each other that is some times compared to our finger prints as this much unique tooth arrangements and function very in of us have so do the treatment plan and request one has this is one reason we say each family has to have the dentist like an family dr so the treatment can be very personally planed per person which will save lot of cost and long lasting out come can be made from tooth removal to implant are filling to ortho aliner we at the dentist believe it’s every person is unique and req the personel care
Regular tooth brushing for two times an day spending 2 min is not good enaf when you are wearing and orthodontic braces which can be metal baraces are ceramic baraces , an special orthodontic tooth brush which can clean the tooth as well as the gaps between the tooth and baraces can prevent tooth decay as well as reduse the interval of scaling and polishing which will be generally every 3 months are once in 6 months scaling are tooth cleaning will help prevent tooth damage early and prevent root canal treatments