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Regular tooth brushing for two times an day spending 2 min is not good enaf when you are wearing and orthodontic braces which can be metal baraces are ceramic baraces , an special orthodontic tooth brush which can clean the tooth as well as the gaps between the tooth and baraces can prevent tooth decay as well as reduse the interval of scaling and polishing which will be generally every 3 months are once in 6 months scaling are tooth cleaning will help prevent tooth damage early and prevent root canal treatments
Good tooth cleaning req an 1.5 to 2 min more the one time per day , with an medium tooth brush if you can do an gentile pressure like how you use an micro lid pencil with all the sar face of tooth touched can be taken as decent tooth care . Over above to this an hey floss are an regular dental flossing will help keeping the gums and prevent tooth decay in between tooth . It is also recommended for an professional dental cleaning which is called as scaling at every 6 month if req and recommend by the dentist , people with Diabatic and any other medical health issues will get best result by following the above dental maintenance package avb with the dentist
" Brush and floss or prepare for loss."
Tip of the Day: Brush your teeth gently. Use soft bristles brush! For appointments, call us at 7338890009 or make a visit to #dentist #dentalcare #toothcare #gums #teeth #gumcare #familydental
Do You Know The Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth? The problem of sensitive teeth is a very common one, affecting most of us at some stage. Tooth sensitivity implies a reaction to something hot/cold/sweet. This may be from food, drink or even from cold air. Sometimes brushing and flossing can stimulate symptoms. The level of discomfort  felt will vary between people and depends to an extent on what is causing the problem. Sensitive teeth symptoms may be experienced as a slight twinge (‘tingling’ teeth) or, at the other end of the spectrum, it may give severe pain for hours at a time. Having sensitive teeth may be an indication of a Dental problem  that needs treatment.  It should therefore be used as a big hint to visit the dentist . Book an appointment with us at
Tip of the day: For a better oral care use a soft bristles toothbrush. 😁😃 To know more reach out to us by calling at 7338890009 or clicking on #Facts #Tips #OralCare #TheDentist #Chennai #Tipoftheday
Floss like a boss! The dentist #cosmeticdentistry #dentistry #dentist #smile #dental #teeth #teethwhitening #veneers  #smiledesign #dentalcare #cosmeticsurgery #health #oralhealth Flossing is equally important as brushing .Regular dental check-ups and dental exams help to diagnose or identify dental problems at an early stage.